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It was the summer of 2014, and after a shaky pilot episode, telejournalist and local celebrity Alan McCann secured the funding (thanks to The National Lottery and Scottish oil revenues) for a full 13-week series of the Tooting-based global news show SW17: Live @ 5 to 5. Over the next three months the show covered everything from the Independence Referendum to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Tooting's Top TV Talent

Fresh from a Media Studies degree in Glasgow, Alan McCann knew there was only one place in the UK, or the globe, to kickstart a world-class media career. And that was Tooting. Armed with a greenscreen, a camera, and a town full of stories to tell, he set about delivering the news FOR Tooting, BY Tooting, and ABOUT Tooting (and other places, mostly other places).

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Unfortunately, SW17: Live @ 5 to 5 was not renewed for a second series due to dismal viewing figures and a handful of hits on YouTube. But we are hoping that it will become one of those cult things that was cancelled too soon that develops a really obsessive fanbase with a high disposable income.

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Even if you don't have time to watch every episode of Tooting's top news series, I'm equally happy for you to just click the links over and over to give me the YouTube hits. Thanks! And enjoy the show!

1: Pilot

27/06/14 Pilot, Zombies

In this first episode, the perils of live TV, an introduction to the series, salvation in the middle east and a possible zombie apocalypse edging its way towards Wandsworth. Just be gentle, this was only the pilot, it gets better, honest.

Watch If You Must 9:01

2: "Popular In Russia"

05/08/14 Feedback, Russia, Brand

In this episode, we review some of the harsher words said about our pilot episode and embrace our overseas fanbase. Also, the Commonwealth Games, Russell Brand speaks about Gaza, breaking news about WWI and Secret Cinema. And I have a new but slightly troublesome desk.

Gets Good Here 6:13

3: "The Summer Party"

12/08/14 Indyref, Salmond, Darling

The studio has been wrecked due to a massive party and we discuss the Salmond vs Darling Scottish Independence TV debate. Plus, find out how you can help keep the Union together with our "Thanks But No Thanks But Thanks For Asking" badges.

Watch It Now 8:43

4: "Vaping"

19/08/14 Robin Williams, Cliff Richard

The shock news that Robbie Williams is not dead and Robin Gibb has been for some time. We've got more celebrities that definitely aren't dead, Cliff Richard & The Young Ones, and this newsreader's newfound vaping habit has disastrous consequences on live TV.

Watch It Now 8:30

5: "Ice Bucket Challenge"

26/08/14 Notting Hill Carnival, Macmillan, ALS

It's all about the Ice Bucket Challenge this week as I test whether I, and my phone, are both waterproof. Plus the Notting Hill Carnival and the final Scottish Independence leaders' debate.

Soak It Up 6:33

6: "Barber Shop Quartet"

02/09/14 Antons, Swatting, Iceland

In this episode of the Tooting-based global news round-up, the new US craze of SWATTING gets an app, and in local news we address serious signage problems in the hairdressing industry. There's also some harmony singing and a photo of a pizza - IT'S ALL HAPPENING THIS WEEK!.

Watch The Final Cut 9:17

7: Autocue & Clock

09/09/14 Fappening, Mo Farah, NATO, Joan Rivers

Everything else is just news. And so is this. This week, after viewer backlash about timekeeping, we are bang on 5 minutes thanks to a new autocue and onscreen clock. We're covering NATO, people who run fast and Joan Rivers, and we're uncovering nude celebrities, some of which we hadn't heard of.

Good One This 5:47

8: "Scottish Referendum Special"

23/09/14 Salmond, Pistorius, Kate Middleton

Special post-referendum edition of the weekly Tooting-based world news show, with slightly and pointlessly enhanced production values. Join us as we cover the results in Scotland and also the news we missed during our week's break.

Vote Yes To This 6:40

9: "The False Start"

30/09/14 Apple, Tories, UKIP

All the news, all the time* (*in 5 minute chunks, Tuesdays only). This week, Apple bends the rules again, Tory defections and erections, the future of women in the Middle East is up in the air, and some interesting changes to copyright law which could affect US (and therefore YOU, the dear viewer). All this wrapped up in a slickly-produced, precision-timed, not-at-all last-minute production, just like you expect from SW17: Live @ 5 to 5.

Watch It Now 6:46

10: "The Drinking Days"

07/10/14 Studio Audience, Formula 1, Politics

Many have wondered what Live @ 5 to 5 was like back in the days when your host was heavily drinking. Now's your chance to see thanks to some exclusive flashback clips from the archives (special thanks to the Tooting Museum of Film & Television for the footage). We also have a live studio audience for the first time and we're covering the top stories in the worlds of car driving and national politics.

Watch It Now 9:17

11: "The LIVE Phone-in"

14/10/14 NHS, UKIP, Taliban

In this week's LIVE show we are presenting the news with LIVE interruptions as you text in the questions you most want answered, in a spontaneous edition of our What The FAQ section. In the actual news, we have NHS strikes, UKIP on the rise and the Taliban on Twitter.

Call It In 7:14

12: "Internet Trolls"

21/10/14 Abuse, Selfies, Weather

This week, new online abuse laws are in the spotlight, Ebola goes viral, and the latest internet craze gets stripped bare - oh, and there's a bit about the weather.

Be Nice & Watch 6:28

13: "Series Finale"

28/10/14 Renee Zellweger, Queen Tweets

It's the final episode in our epic news-packed first series. Today, Renee Zellweger reminds us of the heartbreak of Jennifer Grey's nosejob; corporate executives go into space and back again; the Queen sends her first tweet and provokes an unexpected response; and we round up some of the ways in which SW17: Live @ 5 to 5 has not only reported the news but made the news (and indeed changed the world) in the past three months. All this plus the eagle-eyed among you will spot a few interesting insights into how the show is made!

Watch The Finale 9:55

Christmas Special 2016: "Live @ 5 to 3 - Queen's Speech Pre-Show"

25/12/16 Queen's Speech, Snow Machine

After a two-year break, we're back with SW17: Live @ 5 to THREE - the big Queen's Speech pre-show extravaganza. We have a snow machine, live guests, and trivia. Unfortunately due to a myriad of timekeeping and technical problems we overran and I had to lipread Her Majesty's words on the studio tv set. Also we cover the formation of the Tooting Broadcasting Corporation (the TBC) although details are sketchy...

God Save The Show 14:07

New Year Special 2017/2018: "Live @ 5 to 12 - Countdown To Midnight"

31/12/17 New Year, Donald Trump, TBC

Technically filmed over the course of two years, it’s five to midnight Live from Tooting with our supposedly Trump-free review of the year’s news. However, the despotic director general of the TBC has other ideas, until an unlikely hero emerges. News, pathos, fireworks, mid-range graphics, hard-hitting news-journalism, hit-and-miss joke writing and an epic soundtrack combine to make the show of the year* (*last year).

The Future's Orange 15:38

Read reviews from REAL people...

  • Frank Opinion

    Frank Opinion
    Tooting resident

    "Funniest thing I ever saw. Put it this way, Fawlty Towers ran for 12 episodes, this managed 13 - a clear indicator of the superior quality."

  • Anton

    Barber, Selkirk Rd

    "Business has gone through the roof since we got mentioned on the show, which is a problem as our flat is upstairs."

  • Yasin Ikram

    Yasin Ikram
    Internet Chef / Scientist

    "Alan, can you call me back, I need to talk to you about something and you didn't reply to my text."

  • Sadiq Khan

    Sadiq Khan
    Mayor of London

    "When I was MP for Tooting, SW17: Live at 5 to 5 was all I needed to know the news that mattered to my constituents. Alan inspired me to run for Mayor."

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