Wow, my own website, in addition to my own 13-part tv show. What a set of achievements at a mere 37 years old. When I set out to make SW17: Live @ 5 to 5 I had no idea its reach would be so broad and its legacy so enduring. Viewers around the world tuned in a 5 to 4 GMT (5 to 5 BST) for the television event of the week. Aside from our huge fanbase in Russia, we also had fans across the world, united by two common factors, 1) a love for straight-talking global news with a Tooting flavour, and 2) the fact they were my Facebook friends. We even had viewers in Iceland, although this turned out to be the legal team for Iceland band Pollaponk, whose music I had used without permission in the show. Thankfully they didn't sue, instead asking me to prove I hadn't made any money from the series. This was very easy to prove.

I'm constantly being asked when the show is returning, usually by the same guy. I said that we'd return when the series hit 1 million views on YouTube. Clearly this was unrealistic, but if I can manage 1,000 hits from viewers with demonstrably high disposable income, we might just get a second series.

Watch this space. And then press F5 to watch it again, I need the page views.